The butterfly effect

In 1972 the meteorologist Edward Lorenz presented a paper at a scientific convention titled “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” Based on careful mathematical calculations, he proved that the way weather conditions turn out depends on the sometimes minuscule factors influencing it in the initial stages. This came to be known as the ‘Butterfly Effect’ – a very small change in initial conditions can create a significantly different outcome. The concept is not new and can be found in fields varying from civil engineering to quantum physics to video games. It is a theme often found in novels and films.

Children’s movement of forgiveness

The Central African Republic is a country with much potential. It is rich in raw materials and has good agricultural soil.  But different rebel groups cause havoc in the country – almost 300 000 people fled the country, a further 643 000 has been displaced within the country and many, including children, lost their lives. In the past three years, Petra Institute presented advocacy workshops for leaders, and a selected group of leaders have been trained in children’s ministry skills as well as a few skills to assist traumatised children. 

Thank You!

Thank you that you prayed, contributed and supported us so that the Walking with Wounded Children (WWWC) course could be presented in various places. A group of tutors have been trained in Singapore in how to train others and it also has been presented at Kylemore outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.