If you really want to experience what “Relational Children’s Ministry” is about, you should do this course!

Yvonne Chan, Head of Children’s Ministry of the International Baptist Church Singapore, gives feedback after completing the Online Relational Children’s Ministry course:

Yvonne Chan from Singapore shares the value of this course

“Yvonne, if you compare yourself to before you did the course, how would you describe the general growth and changes this course has brought you?”

“I discovered the value of making a conscious effort to create a fun place for our kids to connect with one another and to build relationship. It is not about having difficult activities, but a very simple game or just an “emotional” card that can prepare our kids to receive God’s Word. When we trust God as the master of the plan, a simple game in the beginning of the lesson can make a huge impact.

“I also made much effort to encourage our kids to share what is on their hearts and to connect with them through all the small talks that we had during out activities and discussion.

“Teaching the word of God it’s very important, but I’m reminded that helping our children to apply His words in their lives are even more important, because that’s how they can truly experience God’s love for them. This is a lifelong journey for them.

“For teachers like us who have taught many years may have a fixed mind-set of how we want to conduct our class and resist changes or to adopt new methods. Through all these lesson assignments, I have moved out of my “comfort zone” to try out some of those methods that I’m not comfortable doing, and after preparing and presenting it, I found that it always turns out well. God is equipping and shaping me through all these assignments.”

“What have you liked or appreciated about your studies?”

“This course is not just about head knowledge, it’s having to do it and practice it. Through practising it, I have gained more teaching techniques and to find other areas of my gifting. It has built up my competency and confidence in planning a worship time as well as a lesson. The course has brought me back to the basis of God’s intention for man to have relationship with Him, and each other and not to be alone. Building a relational ministry should be my top priority.”

“How would you describe the course to a friend you would like to enrol next year?”

“If you really want to experience what “Relational Children’s Ministry” is about, you should do this course! You will learn about the importance of building strong relationships with children, and through the relationships, children will want to come to know God through us, because they love us and look up to us. They see Christ in us through our love languages. Personally, this course has also brought me to the next level of my faith and journey with God in my ministry work.”

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