Children’s movement of forgiveness

The Central African Republic is a country with much potential. It is rich in raw materials and has good agricultural soil.  But different rebel groups cause havoc in the country – almost 300 000 people fled the country, a further 643 000 has been displaced within the country and many, including children, lost their lives. In the past three years, Petra Institute presented advocacy workshops for leaders, and a selected group of leaders have been trained in children’s ministry skills as well as a few skills to assist traumatised children. 

We also started equipping them how to pass on these skills to others, and in the next round, further training in this will take place.  Each time training takes place, children are also reached in the process.  Some of the kids shared the following:

“Last year, people from Petra came and told us stories and played with us.  Because of the war, they had to leave again.”

“They returned this year and told us about David and Saul. David’s friend warned him that Saul planned to kill him and that he had to hide.”

“His friend also said he should kill Saul, but David did not want to. Saul later admitted that David was right in not wanting to kill him and to seek revenge.”

“What then happened in the country?”

“People came and killed many people. Anti-Balaka tried to fight back and also killed many people.”

“What did you learn from the story about David and Saul?”

“I want peace to return to the country and I want to forgive people, especially my Muslim friends at school. When we returned to school, it was very easy for me to forgive them.  We, the children, want to forgive other people for what they have done to us.   When the war was on, we could not go to school, we stayed at home and we were afraid and unhappy. When peace returned, the people of Petra again came and we could meet them again.  Thank you that you came back !”